Get Paid $300/Day With Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner Using FREE Traffic!

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Please look at this video over here because this video is responsible for making me hundreds of dollars in affiliate marketing commissions using Digistore24. I've made a lot of money with Digistore24, which is why I want to show you how to use Digistore24 today to copy and paste videos that you don't even need to create that other people have created for you so that you can make money as an affiliate if you come over to Digistore24 and you click onto affiliate. You can see here that Digistore24 has up to 70% commissions that it will pay you for certain products that have over 8000 different types of products in their marketplace in 44 different niches. This Is a lot of opportunity for you to make money with affiliate marketing, but I want to show you how to do it with free traffic. So you need to scroll up when you're on Digistore24, and you need to click on Register. Now once you do that, it's going to bring you over to a page that looks like this where you can sign up absolutely for free as you can see, once you scroll down, you want to create a username for yourself. This will generate an affiliate link as you scroll down to complete all these details. Let them know what country you're from; as you can see, we did. Guys, you can too.

This with a lot of countries around the world from there you want to click on to register for free now and this is going to create an account for yourself once You have created an account on Digistore24 what we now need to do is Search for certain types of products Where they will give you videos that you can use and I'm going to show you where you can use those videos these are highly targeted ads that convert really Really well that you can use absolutely for free to make money with affiliate Marketing and Digistore24 they're created for you so what we want to do is We want to come over here on the left Hand side you can see there are all these a different just remember there's 44 different niches that you can do this Is what we're going to do is we're going to scroll down we're going to click onto fitness and health once you do that You've got a few options you can scroll down and just take a look at all these different types of products the other thing that you can do is you can sort by Sales rank this means people that are Having good conversions with these products so as you scroll down the first one that we're going to take a look at over here is this one called the Ultimate Keto Meal Plan people are always looking to lose weight they're Looking to get healthy so promoting.

Something like this is giving you the best chance to make money with affiliate Marketing but what you want to make sure that you're doing is that you're using their affiliate resources to do this so what we want to do is click onto their Affiliate support page once you do that It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and we're going to use these resources because what we want Is a lot of the videos that they have created for us that we can use so as we Scroll down down on this affiliate Resources page you want to come over and Click on to access our affiliate Resources click onto it enter in your details your email address and that's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this now I want you to pay close attention to this video guys do Not skip ahead because if you do you're Going to miss all the tools that you need to make this work and you're not Going to be able to do this effectively And if you end up getting value out of This video all I ask that you do for me In return is smash that like button Right now so that we can get this video out there to a lot of people and the YouTube algorithm absolutely loves it so What you want to do when you're on this page is we need to find resources where they have videos and as you scroll down What we what we're looking for is their

Ad section there's a lot of these products that have this and you'll be you'll be able to find it with many different niches so as we scroll down you can see here that this product this affiliate resources page can potentially Teach you how to run face Facebook ads If you wanted to how you can run YouTube Ads how you can run Google Ads if you wanted to and the other thing they also have here is an email list as well which We're going to use to put this together so you can very quickly get this to convert so what we first want to open is we want to click onto I want to run YouTube Ads what that's going to do is It's going to bring you over to this page where you just need to click onto yes I understand show me the Facebook materials it says that but it's going to Take us over to the right page now before we go on to that page I just want to let you know if you're looking to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and you want other avenues and you want to know exactly what I do click onto the first link into the description of this video and grab my free ultimate affiliate marketing guide it's absolutely free for you to have shows you other ways that I make money with affiliate marketing it's a little Handbook that I give away absolutely for free it's yours to keep so you can see

Other ways that I make money with Affiliate marketing there's a lot of Tools tips and tricks in there that are Going to help you get started now if You're not subscribed to the channel Make sure you go down the bottom and hit That subscribe button in appreciation Turn on that Bell notification so you Get notified every time I post a brand New video and if you're already Subscribed make sure you turn that Bell Notification on so you don't miss out on The latest content that I've got coming Up so once we click onto this it's going To bring you over to this section you Can see it's going to drop down and then From here what you want to do is click On to here to download your YouTube ads Once you click onto that it's going to Open up this Google Drive now on this Google Drive many of these different Products are going to have a number of Videos you can see here that this one in Particular has three videos that you can Use to start uploading on different Platforms to get free traffic and I'll Show you three in particular that are Absolutely free and you can get started With today so what you will do from Here is you can just click onto any one Of these different types of videos I'm Just going to pause this so this is the First video and as you can see this video is two minutes long which is not Bad.

It goes through and talks about this product it even tells people to go down The bottom and to click on the link this video itself has a call to action as you Can see and these videos are designed to Get you to convert this product into Sales so that you can make money with Affiliate marketing and in particular With this particular product we did you Store 24 so as you can see it even says Limited time it's got all the call to Actions what you want to do from here is You want to download this video so quite Simply if you click onto any one of them So if we double click onto this again I'm going to pause it up the top here You've got this download button so all You need to do is click on to download And as you can see this video is now Going to download on to my computer from Here what we need to do is we need to Use these videos and we need to upload Them onto our platform which is going to Get us the free views so what we want to Do is is we want to come over firstly to This platform over here called Rumble is a platform that is Currently absolutely taking off every Single month it is growing month on month on average it is increasing by 10 Million 15 million views every single month it's gone up about 20 to 30 Million just over the last few months And it's getting a lot of traffic but

There's two ways that you can actually Make money on Rumble number one is Affiliate marketing number two you can Actually monetize your videos like YouTube but you don't even need to have Like your 1 000 subscribers or your 4 000 watch hours let me show you what I Mean if you come over to rumble and you Type in something like weight loss and You start scrolling down you're gonna Find that there's people when you take a Look at this person with for this video Has made over twelve a thousand dollars And you can see when you search up Weight loss and you start scrolling down People are getting hundreds of thousands Of views for these different types of Videos and there's no reason why you Can't do something similar if you want To start creating your content or just Quite simply reviewing these different Products or using the resources that These products already have so this is In the weight loss Niche if you come Over here and type in keto as an example You can see that keto recipes and keto Different types of products they get Hundreds of thousands of views in fact Some of these videos have had millions of views over the last few years and if You scroll down and go through these different types of videos you're also going to find videos that are making a lot of money per video so what you want to do when you're on Rumble is you need to create an account for yourself.

OnceYou create an account for yourself what We now want to do is we want to upload This video onto Rumble so quite simply come up to the top click onto this plus Sign over here and then click on to Upload video once you do that you can See here now that select the video that You want to upload all we need to do is Grab this video drag and drop it Straight in there and you can see that This video is downloading on to run Humble now what we need to do is we need To give this video a title all we need To do is come straight back over to These resources where we got these Videos from and you can just grab the Titles from here or what you can do is You can go over to any one of these Landing pages that we opened up as you Can see you've got all these resources That you can use or what you can quite Simply do is just come straight back Over to you and you can see this is the Ultimate keto meal plan so you can grab This we can copy this and then come Straight back over to rumble and then You can put the video title here so the Ultimate keto meal plan in Brackets free Keto book okay so free keto book Okay and then to lose weight So ultimate keto meal plan to lose weight and then you've got free keto book.

Then over here you've got this video description now with the video description remember I told you you had all those email swipes so what we want to do is we want to come back over to the affiliate resources page which is this page over here this same one where We got these ads from and you need to Scroll down and take a look at this I have an email list I want to send email blast so you click onto that this is Going to give you a Google doc that has A lot of these different types of email Swipes what this is going to do this is Going to allow you to structure a very Simple description which has also calls To action to get people to click onto This link so quite simply all we need to Do is come over here and grab something Like this so you probably don't want to Put in hay or have a fantastic though Anything like that you may potentially Want to grab something like this you Want to scroll down okay and just grab This section here so you want to copy This we want to come back over to this video that we're uploading and what we Want to do is quite simply paste this in Here now you can stretch this out to see What this is going to look like now this Is where we are going to import our affiliate a link okay guys so this is Where you want to add that affiliate Link.

So to add that affiliate Link it says just just click here to Download your free copy of 21 yummy keto Recipes so this is where we need to Insert our affiliate ID so quite simply Come straight back over to Digistore24 And click onto this link once you do That you can shorten this link or you Can directly paste it in I prefer to Shorten All My Links all I do is come Over to platforms like I also Use things like link tree so if we Scroll down guys as you can see very Simple all we need to do is paste that link in there as you can see it's nice And long but it's got my make sure that It's always got your affiliate Link in There your affiliate URL which is mine Smart money tactics embedded inside that link click on to shorten and then copy That little link now that's been Shortened come straight back over to Rumble over here and what we're going to Do is we're going to paste that in there So now my affiliate link is inside this description over here where people click Can click onto it the other thing that You can also do guys if you wanted to is You can also put it right at the top as A call to action so before people start reading in case they get bored or they Don't see it you can put something up in capital letters Something like get your free keto recipe Book here okay and then paste that in

There guys and that's as you can see that's in there so then when I scroll down they can read on this and you've got your link in here twice as you scroll down here guys what you can do is you can start to insert some thumbnails It's entirely up to you how you want to do it but in terms of the thumbnails again you can go back over to the resources you can create them on canva It's entirely up to you but take a look at this with this all I'm going to do is I'm going to click onto this and It says free keto cookbook and it's even got a call to action telling people to click onto that now what you want to do Is you want to scroll down over here and Under tags what you want to do is just put in something like as you can see I've got a few here so keto cooking recipes weight loss etc and then you may want to take a look at a few more you can also go into the affiliate resources guys and take a look at the keywords that they use if you go through the affiliate resources you can See that they've got a lot of different keywords in there as well but you can go through that in your own time it's really really simple to do then when you Scroll down over here guys quite simply you can either schedule the video and choose when you want it to go live or you can click on to upload.

Just quite simply, guys, click on Rumble. Only now, from here, you've got some additional Information you don't necessarily need to fill out. Guys who recorded The video appears in the video. Um, where and when was it recorded? You don't need to do any of that and provide YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat. You don't need to do any of that, guys. Just leave That. Scroll down, guys, and click to submit. Now I'm not going to submit this because I want to fix it up a little bit, but quite simply, you'd come over here, and you would hit submit. Once you hit submit, this video is going to go live. I will submit it. Okay, there's not much more I need to do, so We'll do that.

We can click on that "Click here if you agree to the terms and Conditions" yes and then click on submit because we can use these videos from their affiliate resources. Now, this video is going to go live. It takes a couple of minutes to go through, but we can copy this to see exactly what this will look like. So if I paste this in a brand new URL over here so as you can see, this video Is just uploading at the moment, we can Come back and have a look. So that was the first platform that you could do this. The second platform that you can do This with, guys, is this one called It's very, very similar to Rumble.

Guys, you can come here and upload your different weight loss videos. You can upload various types of affiliate marketing videos. It has everything you can quite search it is very similar to rumble. You can come over here and start Uploading a whole heap of different types of videos, and again when you take A look at bit shoot, if we look at Similarweb, you can see that their traffic is massive. They get 26 million, although Rumble receives 100 million visitors every month. But again, when you look at their traffic, it's from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, which is pretty much the same as Rumble. Okay, guys, so that's the first two places that you can upload this, and the third platform, guys, that you can pretty much Upload this to very quickly is sites like YouTube as well. I mean, YouTube is a powerhouse. You'll get a lot of views on YouTube. All you need to do is place your link in the description of those videos, and you stand a perfect chance to get people to click on it. Now the power of this strategy, guys, comes down to you. Continuously uploading these different types of videos, you need to go over here and upload videos all the time, just Like I'm uploading this video. As you can see, it's just encoding at the moment.

It's almost done; that is the thumbnail. There and what happens is once this is done, you can see here I've got my first link here, the second link. When people click on this, it will take them straight over to the product, and as you can see, anybody clicks on this, reads this, and purchases. I'm going to make even more money with Digistore24 Affiliate marketing but what you need to do from here is you need to rinse and repeat. You need to continuously continue to upload these different types of Videos so that you have a lot of videos out there that are getting a lot of views and a lot of clicks. Those videos will help you make you know 50 to 100 with affiliate marketing.


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